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Ofrecemos tarjetas de identificaciones con altas medidas de seguridad sistemas y apoyo técnico para crear bases de datos inter-operables, la información esta integrada con sistemas automatizados de identificación de huellas dactilares (AFIS), generando barreras para evitar las falsificaciones, en este producto se conjuntan elementos biográficos y biométricos. 


Esta solución es adaptable y podemos brindar equipo técnico, recurso humano, consumibles etc.

  • Fabricación: Altas medidas de seguridad físicas y lógicas 

  • Modulo de atención al cliente: Pre-registro

  • Enrolamiento: Se realiza la captura y comprobación de datos biográficos y biométricos con herramientas como el escaneo de iris, huellas dactilares, firma digital, foto y documentos probatorios.

  • Personalización: Esta puede ser descentralizada con módulos y equipos especializados para la impresión en sitio o centralizada en nuestras instalaciones

  • Distribución: Domiciliada o directo en sucursal/centro de distribución


Algunos ejemplos son identificaciones que cuentan con alta tecnología como gubernamentales, licencias, cédulas de identidad. credenciales para empresas, escuelas y universidades.


We offer identity cards with high security measures systems and technical support to create inter-operable databases, the information is integrated with Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), generating barriers to avoid counterfeiting, in this product they are combined biographical and biometric elements.


This solution is adaptable and we can provide technical equipment, human resources, consumables, etc.

  • Manufacturing: High physical and logical security measures

  • Customer service module: Pre-registration

  • Enrollment: Capture and verification of biographical and biometric data is performed with tools such as iris scanning, fingerprints, digital signature, photo and supporting documents

  • Customization: This can be decentralized with modules and card printers, specialized equipment for on-site printing or centralized in our facilities

  • Distribution: Direct to customer / distribution center


Some examples are identifications that have high technology such as government, licenses, identity cards. credentials for companies, schools and universities.

Lotteries and raffles

It is an integral process that facilitates the development and execution of a raffle including the printing, traceability and fulfillment of the tickets

This solution is adaptable and we can provide technical equipment, human resources, consumables, etc.

  • Raffle configuration: Registration and configuration of the draw type

  • Ticket printing: From the design with high security measures to the validation of each of the participating numbers

  • Distribution: We manage four levels of distribution; Central offices, sales agencies, regional offices, or point of sale

  • Upgrade status by ticket: System that allows the transfer of responsibility to know the location of the ticket or check

  • Consultation and reports: Query of tickets sold, as well as incidents and winners



Payment methods

In addition to traditional means of payment such as debit cards, credit cards and checks. We offer platforms and systems such as electronic purses and dispersion methods. This is how a system provides and manages the supply of assets for its end users.

  • Access media manufacturing: We design a means to manage the system

  • Integration of issuing platforms: We help you define the type of network (open or closed) for the administration of the means of payment

Management of user accounts and transactions: This system is known movements and balance inquiries

Outsourcing: We provide outsourcing services, executing one or more processes of the value chain

Call center: Call center to provide service to the end user

Medios de pago

Digital certification

It is a risk management tool to prevent fraud and identity theft, this solution includes the following characteristics.


Administration: Be an authority to issue certificates with legal validity.

Provide digital document certification services

Digital backup and digitalization of certified documents

Consult, download and send digital certified documents.

Brand protection

This solution consists in authenticating it through security features, these can be physical and logical or a mixture of both


Some physical characteristics such as design element labels, stamps, inks, holograms, micro texts, security paper


Logical elements such as a multilevel QR code, bar codes, or serial codes that are only readable through a private reader


This solution is offered so that the customer has visibility of their products from start to finish in their delivery and / or production process.

It also provides options for the control of documents, inventories and distribution chains.

Administration and tracking of couriers

Authentication of documents through fixed or mobile devices

Monitoring of service levels

Digitization and physical receipt of acknowledgments.

Access control

Integrated as a solution for entities or companies where reliable and specialized control in personnel access is required, through credentials for identification or reading of biometric elements (fingerprint, iris, facial identification)


It may also include decentralized enlistment, video surveillance cameras, monitoring by means of wrong television circuit. mobile security, contactless technologies (NFC and RFID).


All this through security filters that can be operated through a command center that has the ability to generate alerts for making preventive decisions ensuring the security required